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The Duties of Quzhou Municipal Foreign Affairs & Overseas Chinese Affairs Office


1. Carrying out the state policies, laws and instructions from above administrative level concerning with foreign affairs and overseas Chinese affairs. Studying and putting forward detailed measures and ways of carrying out policies of foreign affairs and overseas Chinese affairs. Supervising the implement of policies by departments, counties or districts within the City. Dealing with political foreign affairs in the City.

2. Coordinating activities of different governmental departments about foreign affairs. Dealing with important foreign affairs or overseas Chinese affairs with the cooperation of other departments. Supporting the central or provincial governments to deal with foreign affairs which need local coordination.

3. Examining and approving application of going abroad on business and services, or the application of inviting foreigners to visit China by local organizations. Being responsible for issuing invitations to invited foreigners. Administrating service passports or passports for public affairs of local people.

4. Doing supporting work about economy through coordination with other departments. Offering services in importing technology, introducing talents or promoting investments from abroad.

5. Applying to above administrative departments for the establishment of friendship relationship with foreign cities. Managing the activities about exchanges with foreign cities. Being responsible for the routine contacts with foreign cities.

6. Keeping informed on situation of local foreign affairs and problems. Studying the measures or proposals of solving problems.

7. Being in charge of local overseas Chinese affairs. Making long-term and annual developing working plans of overseas Chinese affairs. Examining and managing affairs such as the settling down or employment of people from abroad, Hong Kong and Macao. Protecting legal rights of overseas Chinese.

8. Receiving foreign guests, officials from foreign embassies or consulates, and foreign journalists.

9. Helping managing tourist affairs concerning with foreigners.

10. Supervising concerned departments to carry out education on foreign policies and regulations to people planning to go abroad for public affairs, or doing work about foreign affairs.

11. Arranging education about international situation, foreign policies & disciplines to local working staff of foreign and overseas Chinese affairs. Arranging short-term trainings for the staff.

12. Being in charge of the daily work of the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with foreign Countries(CPAFFC) Quzhou Branch.

13. Guiding work in counties(districts) within Quzhou concerning foreing affairs.

14. Being responsible for the donation affairs from abroad.

15. Finishing other tasks given by the municipal CPC committee and the government.