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Governmental Departments

Office of the Government: Tel: 3024936
Foreign Affairs Office, Tel: 3081286
Foreign Economy & Trading Cooperation Bureau, Tel: 3891999
Quzhou Customs, Tel: 8021271
Import & Export Commodity Inspection Bureau, Tel: 3081394
Personnel & Labor Bureau, Tel: 8567019
Education Bureau, Tel: 3080771
Science & Technology Bureau, Tel: 3024785
Tourism Bureau, Tel: 8878160
Public Security Bureau, Tel: 3082128
Executive Service Center, Tel: 3890183
Post Office, Tel: 3923158
Civil Aviation Management Bureau, Tel: 8018748
Culture & Broadcasting Bureau, Tel: 8586908
Comprehensive Enforcement Bureau, Tel: 3025296
Development & Reform Committee, Tel: 3081237
Economy Committee, Tel: 3025890
Construction Bureau, Tel: 3023687
Communications Bureau, Tel: 3032165
Agriculture Bureau, Tel: 3084493
Administration Committee of Quzhou Economic Development Zone, Tel: 3851573
Administration Committee of Quzhou Hi-Tech Industry Park, Tel: 8536008
Administration Committee of Quzhou West Distrct, Tel: 8662468
Bank of China, Quzhou Branch, 3131103