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Quzhou Won One Gold, Two Bronze and One Nomination Awards in Zhejiang Province’s Digital Reform Project

In the afternoon of February 28, Zhejiag Province’s digital reform promotion conference was held in Hangzhou.The results of the 2021 Zhejiang Province Reform Breakthrough Award were announced at the meeting. 11 gold, 19 silver, 29 bronze and 40 nominated project implementation units were honored, and Quzhou won one gold, two bronze and one nomination award. Deputy Secretary and Mayor Gao Yi attended the meeting at the provincial main venue and received the award.

It is reported that those who were honored on that day were all reform "leaders" with outstanding performance and aggressiveness. Quzhou City has 4 reform projects selected, among which the gold award for the overall wise governance reform,  the bronze awards for comprehensive integrated reform of services for the disabled" and The "Two Mountain Bank" ecological resources high-quality transformation mechanism innovation", and the "budget-based management of energy saving and carbon reduction governance mechanism reform" was nominated for the award.

The overall wise governance reform was conducted by Quzhou City. The city is the first in the province to promote this sort of reform, which solved the problems of the inequality between power and responsibility, the inefficiency and lack of integration in governance as well as in grassroots governance a team to manage law enforcement" to crack the "visible, can not manage" problem, rebuilding "152" system and the "141" system, reshaping the county and rural management system and grassroots governance system, the formation of grassroots governance modernization "Quzhou experience "It has made positive contributions to the construction and improvement of the "1612" system framework of the province's digital reform, especially the grassroots governance system.

Comprehensive and integrated reform of services for persons with disabilities was led by the Provincial Disabled Persons' Federation and Jiangshan City. Jiangshan City is the first in the province to break through the business, data and departmental barriers for persons with disabilities, promote the joint examination and operation of 16 links of disability-related matters in 9 departments, and realize paperless, application-free and intelligent direct access for the issuance of two subsidies for persons with disabilities; promote targeted employment training with big data analysis, and promote the source management of disability-causing accidents with linkage to achieve accurate help, precise supervision, scientific prevention and control, and intelligent Prevention. The Smart Disability Application won the "Best Application" of the province's digital reform and was released at the press conference as a major application result of digital reform in Zhejiang Province.

The "Two Mountain Bank" is an innovation of high-quality transformation mechanism of ecological resources, and it is led by Anji County and Changshan County. Changshan County gives full play to the advantages of ecological cloud brain, physical operation of "Two Mountain Bank", through perfecting ten support systems such as assessment institutions and guarantee institutions, strengthening ice-breaking in key links such as registration of ecological resources, value assessment, income distribution, development and operation, effectively cracking the problems of resource fragmentation, inefficiency and sedimentation; innovating and launching Forest rights loan, seedling loan, carbon easy loan and other ecological financial products, through the commitment to acquire, financing leasing and other ways, effectively alleviate the difficulties of financing business entities. The project was awarded the top ten innovative practice cases of rural revitalization in Zhejiang Province in 2021.

Reform of energy-saving and carbon-reduction governance mechanism based on budgeting management was led by the provincial development and reform commission, provincial power company, Hangzhou central branch of the People's Bank of China, and Quzhou City. The first carbon account in China covering all fields, blocks and subjects, with accurate, real-time and high-frequency data through "direct on-site collection + data pooling"; the first six local standards covering carbon accounts from production to consumption, with scientific evaluation in three dimensions: industry advancement, regional contribution and historical decline method. The carbon account application became the first application in the province to realize the "two ends" of the "double carbon" field, and won the "Best Application" of the province's digital reform.

It is also noted that Quzhou City and Qujiang District, Jiangshan City and Changshan County were rated excellent in the 2021 annual assessment of the comprehensive deepening of reform in the district cities and counties (cities and districts).


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