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Tea Companies from Quzhou Made its Debut at the International Tea Expo

On May 21, the 4th China International Tea Expo kicked off in Hangzhou International Expo Center. 16 tea companies from Quzhou attended the Expo, which attracted the attention of visitors from all over the world.

With the theme of "Tea and the World with A Shared Development", the Expo focuses on building a strong tea brand and promoting tea consumption. Through its online and offline promotion, the Expo aims to promote China’s tea culture, to invigorate tea trade as well as to improve tea farmers’ incomes.

There were a total of 222 tea companies from Zhejiang attended the Expo. Among them, 16 tea companies from Quzhou promoted famous teas from Quzhou such as Kaihua Longding, Luoyang Quhao, and "Qianlonghuang". In addition, the Quzhou Pavilion set up an independent exhibition area entitled as the "Capital of Tea Process Machinery in China". Four companies including Zhejiang Hongwuhuan Tea Equipment Company and Zhejiang Shangyang Machinery showcased the achievements made in tea processing machinery sector.

The tea industry is one of the leading agricultural industries in Quzhou with a long history of tea planting. In recent years, the city has taken the tea industry as an important starting point for rural revitalization, and planned to implement the "Implementation Opinions on the High-quality Development of the "3+X" Characteristic Agricultural Industry" and the "Three-year Action Plan for the "Four Teas" Linkage". By adopting brand new perspectives and the concept of the entire industry chain, the city have fully constructed an organic development pattern of tea, tea machines, tea utensils, and tea seed oil, injecting new momentum into rural revitalization. At present, Quzhou mainly has Kaihua Longding, Jiangshan Green Peony, Longyou Yellow Tea, Changshan Yinhao, Quzhou Yulu and other local famous teas, as well as deep-processed products such as tea polyphenols, instant tea and matcha . In 2020, the city will have a total of 231,000 mu of tea gardens, of which 212,000 mu of tea gardens are for harvest, and the output of tea will be 10,288 tons, with an output value of 1.56 billion yuan.

At the Tea Expo, Quzhou also held the Longyou Yellow Tea and Kaihua China Ecological Tea Promotion Conference. It is reported that this tea expo will last until the 25th of this month. In addition to the tea exhibition and sales, a series of themed events such as the 2021 "International Tea Day" China event and the tea country tourism promotion conference will be launched. 


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