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Quzhou Launched a Campaign on Party History Learning and Education

On the morning of March 18, a meeting was held by the municipal government to promote party history learning and education in Quzhou. Various places in Quzhou conducted a variety of forms of in-depth learning and education of party history, inspiring the majority of party members, cadres and the public to draw pragmatic, progressive and powerful force from a century of party history, celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China with practical action and excellent results.

The district of Kecheng formed a leading group as well as a special team in promoting party history learning and education. The leading members took the lead in reading such books as Xi Jinping: the History of the Communist Party of China, Xi Jinping in Zhejiang. By taking the opportunity of “Night Study Monday” and “No Meeting Tuesday", this campaign was widely promoted throughout the district. “8090 Party History Promotion Pioneer Group” carried out a series of offline activities such as "Following the Thread of A Century of History of the Party, Singing Aloud Youth and Progress" as well as online events such as "Remembering the Party History, Staying True to the Mission". At the same time, it also launched a teaching competition titled "Learning Party History, Strengthening Party Spirit, Following the Party".

The district of Qujiang made a combination of party history learning and education with its 20-year history of development. The district held “8090 new era theory talk” activities. With the theme of “red, green and blue", the talk is planned in three sections of "the past, the present and the future". In this way, latest theories of the Party will be continuously disseminated among the public. At present, we have collected 15 fairly mature lectures, among which, the lecture “New Airport City - The City of People" through its integration with Qujiang “8090 Lecture on New Era’s Theory” animation, produced the eponymous MG animation.

Longyou County, by taking Party history learning and education as its top priority, carried out a series of activities such as “8090 100 sub-groups learning Party history together”, “The Great Party of 100 Years, Vigor and Prosperity" dialogue, etc. By inviting teachers from the party school for on-site training and listening to veterans’ recounts of party history, its campaign on party history learning and education is more grounded, more energetic and more of a local flavor. Members of the “8090” promotion group went to rural cultural halls, rural revitalization lecture halls, patriotic education bases, etc. By speaking about the party theory in their own way, these young people did the practical work. Longyou also brought out "Learn Together with 8090 Group” and "8090 Xiaoli Speaks the Truth" columns on the new media to further expand the coverage of party history learning and education.

Jiangshan County, by staying close to its "red cultural roots", strove for excellence. During its campaign on party history learning and education, it has made a good start by inviting experts and scholars to have lectures on party history, organizing events like “8090” group learning and speaking about party history titled as “Salute to the Centuries, the Youth and the Party”, and the 2021 JiangShan Party Theory Talk youth competition and a teaching Competition. At present, two training sessions on party history learning and education have been carried out, and more than 20 lectures on party theory given by young people have been delivered.

Changshan County took the lead in carrying out its “wujin” project. It encourages party members and cadres to visit the government office, the campus, the rural areas and its local companies as well as to promote party history on the internet. In an orderly and effective manner, this campaign achieved great results. The public’s interest of learning party history was greatly aroused. And Party organizations at all levels called for all party members and cadres to carry out self-study, group learning, seminars, lectures, on-site learning, training, film viewing, online learning and others.

By making use of local red cultural resources, Kaihua County builds offline and online platforms to promote exemplar party members. By setting up the platform titled “traditional fine arts with Kaihua characteristics”, it creates the brand of “good place” for reading materials, the brand of “Old Revolutionary County” for Party history learning and the brand of “The Origin of Qianjiang - the Starting Point of the Iron Army” for red culture. In this way, the majority of party members and cadres can draw power in the campaign and are inspired to strive to promote high-quality development and new breakthroughs in the development of Kaihua.

The district of Smart New City, by its insistence on the combination of group learning as well as independent learning, formulates programs and sets up special teams to promote Party history learning and education. Taking Party history-themed learning and lectures as well as pioneering practice as the handle, they held a series of events such as “Party History Reading Day”, “Party History and Theory Weekly Lecture” and “Practice of Red Spirit Month”. As a result, the promotion of Party theory and the practice of the Party spirit have achieved solid results.


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