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Mr.Xu Wenguang, National People's Congress Representative and Quzhou Municipal Party Secretary, Received an interview with China Enterprise

On March 5, China Enterprise published an article on Quzhou’s bright future with the title of "Mr. Xu Wenguang, National People's Congress Representative and Party Secretary of Quzhou City, Zhejiang Province: ‘Beauty+Wisdom’, New Engine to Drive High-Quality Development". In the interview, Mr.Xu Wenguang paints a bright future in Quzhou.

On entering the new year, Quzhou’s "beauty+ wisdom" industry has showed heartening results: the annual growth rate in terms of the core industry of digital economy added value, the core industry of digital economy on the scale of business income, profits, taxes and other six indicators ranked first in the provincial level. Through spatial reconstruction and resource restructuring, a 280- kilometer long poetic scenery belt in the design of "a river, two ports, three streams” made its debut in Quzhou. With its emphasis on high-quality rural development and the construction of a garden-like countryside, Quzhou has opened a new chapter in rural revitalization. And the project of building innovative enclaves has been furthered into Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hangzhou. Moreover, Quzhou was selected as one of the 15 best cities for business nationwide. The "Union Garden" project with Quzhou,Huangshan, Nanping and Shangrao as its members captured wide media attention. Last but not least, Quzhou was selected as the pioneer city of “Zhejiang, Anhui, Fujian and Jiangxi’s inter-border socialist modernization project”, the most beautiful core area in “poetic and garden-like Zhejiang project”, an important growth pole of Zhejiang's economic high-quality development, the cluster of “Zhejiang, Anhui, Fujian and Jiangxi’s inter-border innovation”, the leading city of “Zhejiang, Anhui, Fujian and Jiangxi’s inter-border’s open and development plan”.

New engine with strong centripetal force, accelerated integration of industry, city and culture

Quzhou, a regional hub city of Zhejiang, Anhui, Fujian and Jiangxi provinces, serves as an important ecological reserve for Zhejiang and the key area for Zhejiang's economic expansion to the central and western provinces. A series of goals have been set at the seventh plenary session of Quzhou’s municipal party committee for the ninth time: by 2035, Quzhou will become a central city among its bordering cities of the four provinces, a menber of the fifth metropolitan area and pan-city circle of Zhejiang as well as a significant place in the fields of comprehensive transportation, trade and logistics, education and medical care, green finance, talent pooling, beautiful economy, digital economy and others for the expansion of Zhejiang's economy to the central and western provinces. The new engine centripetal force in the embodiment of "Wisdom+beauty" has gained greater momentum.

New engine as strong driving force, industry chain ecosystem with high efficiency

Quzhou is the only city in China with a complete triple chain of fluorine, silicon and cobalt. Enterprises with worldwide acclaim such as Juhua Group, Quzhou Huayou and Longi Leye base themselves in Quzhou. With the accelerated pace of carbon neutrality and peak carbon dioxide emissions projects, the industrial advantages will be further displayed.

Industry and business are central to a prosperous and vital city. New goals of industrial economic development have been clarified: greater devotion to building a world-class new materials industry base. That is to say, with an emphasis on the primacy of new materials, the project of "ten thousand acres hundred billion money" new industrial platform and China’s electronic chemical materials industrial park, it aims to build itself into a world-class industrial highland of fluorosilicon new materials, electronic chemicals, lithium new materials, integrated circuit materials, photovoltaic new energy materials and so on.

By focusing on new energy equipment, intelligent equipment manufacturing, chips and sensors, biomedicine and other strategic emerging industries, it will strive to strengthen, extend and complement the industrial chain, to advance the breakthroughs in a number of core technologies. It will facilitate the development of a number of high-end products with independent intellectual property rights, increasingly improving its power of global discourse and become an integral part of the construction of global advanced manufacturing bases in Zhejiang Province. By concentrating on The "No. 1 Project" of digital economy, Quzhou is determined to be "the first city of national digital economy affiliated central city" and "the highland of digital economy development between the four provinces". From the Southeast Institute of Digital Economy Development Branch, Quzhou Branch of Zhejiang University College of Engineers, Zhejiang University Quzhou Research Institute, the University of Electronic Science and Technology Yangtze River Delta Research Institute (Quzhou) to the Wenzhou Medical University Quzhou Affiliated Hospital, famous institutions of higher education have established themselves at Quzhou one after another. Quzhou has become a new highland of digital economy and happy industry.

Juhua Group,the national fluorine chemical leading company, is the icon of advanced manufacturing industry in Quzhou, one of the most international companies in Quzhou, and the model of environmental-friendly enterprises in Quzhou. In May 2020, Quzhou launched a new round of integration with Juhua Group as well as promotion of high-quality development with industrial investment, science and technology innovation, the implementation of major industrial projects and the construction of advanced manufacturing clusters as its central tasks. Last December, the agreement on the project of building Huayou Lithium Materials International Industrial Cooperation Park was signed. It was the largest planned single investment in advanced manufacturing in Quzhou with a total investment of 40 billion yuan.

At the new stage of development, Quzhou, by implementing the new development concept, designing a new development pattern, it embarks on promoting high-quality development with its emphasis on developing high-end, specialized, intelligent, green industries. Quzhou aims to cultivate new industries as well as to advance the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. With the domestic cycle as the main body, the city will promote the interaction between domestic and international cycles, focus on reform, innovation-driven, digital empowerment, regional coordination, internal and external linkage. By taking the opportunity of the "chain chief system" pilot in Zhejiang Province, Quzhou strive to improve the "group joint enterprise" service mechanism to buikd a professional service team of "resident service officer, financial squad and industry chain service group", which ensures big companies growing bigger, small enterprises well protected, entrepreneurship and innovation thriving.

Project is everything. With new prospects of development in mind, Quzhou places the facilitation of manufacturing industries and introduction of new investments as its top priority. Last year, a total of 378 projects were introduced and 22.036 billion yuan of external capital was in place. It was an increase of 29.4% compared to last year.

In 2021, Quzhou will continue to promote the activities of "investment attraction year" to a further level with its focus on key areas, industries and subjects, such as the fluoro, silicon and cobalt industries. It aims to attract new investments, expand the old investments so that a comprehensive improvement in the scale, quality and efficiency of investment attraction will be realized. We will make special efforts to accelerate the construction of the "10,000 acres and 100 billion yuan" platform of high-end electronic chemical materials in Zhejiang Province and the international industrial park of Huayou lithium new materials, facilitation the construction of Zhejiang Province's Shinan Laboratory, and optimizing the provincial-level fluoro, silicon and cobalt industrial innovation complex. With Quzhou as the starting point, we hope to make our influences on neighbouring areas.


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