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New Policies To Facilitate Flexible Employment Through Multiple Channels

In order to help more people find jobs, Quzhou municipal government has introduced various kinds of policies. The reporter recently learned from the city's Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, in order to broaden employment channels, cultivate new growth points of employment, and promote the project of the four provinces of the common wealth demonstration area, the city introduced new policies to support flexible employment through multiple channels.

“The new policy that focuses on encouraging the development of the self-employed economy, facilitating the development of new employment forms, supporting workers to engage in part-time employment, and boosting flexible employment services, will be officially implemented from December 1, 2021 in an attempt to provide more support for flexibly employed workers." The relevant official in charge of the Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security said.

It is said that the 18 relevant municipal departments are working hand in hand to address three top priorities of expanding jobs, giving subsidies and providing excellent services, further enhancing the policy synergy and launching nine major initiatives of this new policy.

The first is to promote employment together with boosting consumption. Through the scientific and reasonable arrangement of the night economy, tourist attractions, large-scale mass activities of temporary business areas, the government helps flexible employment by adopting the "flexible law enforcement" strategy.

Secondly, the government insists on "mass entrepreneurship and innovation". The amount of guaranteed loans for individual entrepreneurship will be increased to no more than 800,000 yuan; the scope of the entrepreneurship policy for college graduates will be increased from 5 years to 10 years after graduation, and the one-time business start-up subsidy will be increased to 10,000 yuan.

Thirdly, the government takes great efforts to expand the employment channels of the new industry such as exploring and improving the new mode of multi-site practices for medical and other industry practitioners, implementing electronic registration of physicians, and providing convenient filing services for physicians who conduct multi-site practices; easing the entry requirements for drivers applying to engage in online taxi operation services, etc.

Fourth, the government is determined to optimize the environment for the development of talents in the new industry, actively promoting vocational training vouchers, smoothing the way to obtain the titles of professional and technical personnel in the field of express delivery, etc.

Fifth, the government aims to promote group negotiation in new industries, guiding labour and management to conduct group negotiation on labour quota, working hour requirements and labour security as well as signing industry-specific contracts.

Sixth, the government works to promote the development of key sectors for part-time employment by increasing the short-term service public service jobs and providing job subsidies for no more than six months in accordance with regulations as well as promoting corporatisation, professional management and multi-level training of construction workers.

Seventh, the government makes sure that social insurance subsidies are given for part-time employment. For those with employment difficulties and college graduates who have not been employed within two years after graduation to take up part-time jobs, social insurance subsidies are given at 50% of the minimum normal contribution for individual insurance participation.

Eighth, the government tries to optimize human resources services as much as possible. It takes attempt to promote a commitment system for employment and unemployment registration, to set up "two banks and two platforms" for flexible employment services and to encourage the establishment of "odd job markets" at the village level and cultivate odd job brokers.

Ninth, the government concentrates on guiding more flexibly employed people to participate in social insurance. It has been clarified that flexibly employed people can  participate in the basic pension insurance for enterprise employees and basic medical insurance for employees at the same time or separately in their individual capacity. Besides, the government also makes effort to enhance the mechanism of occupational injury protection for employees in new industries, and to encourage enterprises in new industries and other work injury insurance participating units to participate in supplementary commercial insurance according to their needs.


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