Public Notice on the Adoption of Digital Health Status Code Identification Mechanism in Quzhou

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Starting from February 14th, in order to further facilitate epidemic prevention and control and to make your trip more convenient by the adoption of the high-powered digital measures, “Quzhou Health Code” mechanism will thus be employed. Residents and people who are going to enter into Quzhou in the upcoming days are required to apply for a digital code online (first open your Alipay app and then click on “City Service” and then click on “Quzhou Health Code” and proceed with the requested information and submit, then you will get a digital code, of which the colors are classified into green, red and yellow). “Red color” holders should go to the designated hospital for treatment or keep in quarantine in centralized isolation for 14 days; “yellow code” holders should keep in quarantine at home for 14 days and “green code” holders who pass the body temperature test will be given the admittance.

We highly appreciate your kind understanding and cooperation in this regard!

The Head Office of Prevention and Control Novel Coronavirus in Quzhou

February 14, 2020.



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