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Quzhou and Red Wing, Minnesota, the U.S.

Quzhou and Red Wing, Minnesota, the U.S.

March, 1993

Bryan Moon visited Quzhou as a representative of Redwing. During his stay in Quzhou, he visited various places for observation, and talked with local leaders on the development and expansion of exchange between the two cities about cooperative fields, contents, and forms. The two cities discussed about the draft of the friendship-city relationship agreement.

October 14 ¨C18, 1993

Ye Jige, Vice Mayor of Quzhou led a municipal governmental delegation to pay a 6-day visit to Redwing. The delegation contacted and exchanged ideas with officials of Redwing City Hall, and Redwing Sister City Commission. During the visit, after full consultation, the two cities signed an agreement on the establishment of friendly exchange relationship and made a plan of activities for developing friendly ties between the two cities for the year of 1994. It marked that the exchange and cooperation between the two cities entered a substantive stage of development.

October 6, 1994

5 delegates led by Jim Grantman, Vice-Chairman of Redwing Sister City Commission, paid a visit to Quzhou. The two sides exchanged the copies of agreement of friendship-city relationship signed by the two mayors.

November 1996 

A governmental delegation led by Wang Sixiong, Vice Mayor of Quzhou visited Redwing and signed the intent agreement of the coming year¡¯s exchange which greatly promoted friendly exchange between the cities.

September 1998

Mao Linsheng, Secretary of Quzhou Municipal CPC Committee and President of People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries(CPAFFC) Quzhou Branch, led a delegation to visit the City of Redwing. The two sides signed the intent agreement for the friendly exchange of the next year which promoted friendly exchange into activities(The two sides reached a mutual intention to send teachers to each other during 1999 and 2000. Besides, another decision was made to send medical personnel to the United States for short-term training).

October 10 ¨C14, 1998

Invited by Quzhou Municipal Government, Romeo Hill, Mayor of Redwing visited Quzhou for his first time, from October 10 to 14, together with 6 delegates from Redwing Sister City Commission.

May 2000

Cai Qi, Mayor of Quzhou, led a municipal governmental delegation to visit Redwing and signed the intent agreement of the exchange of 2001 and 2002.

May 2001

Yang Yungui, deputy director of Quzhou Hygiene Bureau and other delegates of Quzhou Delegation of Medical Treatment visited the City of Redwing to explore areas of cooperation in hygiene and medical treatment.

February 1¨CJuly 5, 2002

Zhou Linian£¬Business Section Chief of Quzhou Municipal Foreign Affairs and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, paid a 4-month exchange visit to Redwing. During the time, Quzhou City decided to sendcalligraphers and paintersto Redwing for art exchange.

August 2003,

Headed by Chen Rong, Deputy Secretary of Quzhou Municipal CPC Committee, a friendship delegation visited Redwing and signed an agreement on exchange projects of 2003-2004.

September 1-30, 2003

Wang Jifa, a painter and Vice Chairman of China Federation of Literature and Art Circle(CFLAC) Quzhou Branch, paid a one-month visit to Redwing for art exchange.

October 1-November 7,2003

Dawn Zero Erickson, an artist from Redwing, came to Quzhou to create silk screen pictures. From November 1 to 5, an Art Exhibition of the Two Sister Cities¡¯ Artists( Erickson & Wang Jifa) was open in Quzhou.

June 29-July 2, 2004

Jiang Ningxin, Deputy Director of Quzhou Municipal People's Congress, headed a delegation including Liang Jingen, Vice director of Quzhou Municipal Foreign Affairs and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, to visit Redwing and attended the celebration of the tenth anniversary of the two sister cities.

November 2004

Redwing Delegation, headed by Donna MaCaulay-Bradt,Chairperson of Redwing Sister City Commission, visited Quzhou.

September 13-October, 2005

Sean Dowse, Redwing Sister City Commissioner, artist, manager and director of Redwing Hilton Theatre came to Quzhou for one-month art exchange. During his stay, he arranged modern drama presentation for the students of Quzhou No.2 Middle School, and exchanged with Quzhou Wu Opera Community. Also, he attended the celebrating activities of the 20th anniversary of the establishment of Quzhou Municipality.

September 4-Qctober 1, 2005

Qiu Jianhua, a photographer from Quzhou, visited Anderson Arts Center of Redwing for cultural exchanges, and brought back many beautiful pictures taken in Redwing.

October 2005

Headed by Zhan Yueping, Deputy Mayor of Quzhou, The Municipal Delegation including Xu Li, Assistant Director of Quzhou Municipal Foreign Affairs and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, visited Redwing to discuss the long-term development of the relation of the two cities and exchanged ideas with Mayor Donna Dummer, and leaders of Red Wing Port Authority, and Red Wing Sister City Commissioners.


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