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Quzhou and Sano, Tochigi, Japan

Quzhou and Sano, Tochigi, Japan

July 1992

Guo Xuehuan, Secretary of Quzhou Municipal CPC Committee, visited Sano, Japan with Zhejiang Economic Delegation, which opened the first page of friendly contact with the Japanese city - Sano.

October 9 ¨C10, 1993

Led by Kezuka Kichuita You, Mayor of Sano, the 12th Japanese-Sino Friendship Visiting Group of Sano Citizens visited Quzhou.  

October 15 ¨C16, 1994

Headed by Kosuge, Sano councilor and former City Council Speaker, the 13th Japanese-Sino Friendship Visiting Group of Sano Citizens visited Quzhou. The two sides expressed the willingness of establishing friendly exchanged relationship.


Zhejiang Provincial Foreign Affairs Office approved Quzhou¡¯s appliance for the establishment of Friendly Exchange Relationship with Sano, Japan.

September 30 ¨COctober 1, 1995

Headed by Shimada Shiyousan(Chief of Sano Agricultural Coordination Group), the 14th Japanese-Sino Friendship Visiting Group of Sano Citizens visited Quzhou for further deepening of friendly exchange and economic cooperation between the two cities.

May, 1996

The Economic & Trading Delegation of Quzhou visited the City of Sano.

July 10 ¨C11, 1996

The 15th Japanese-Sino Friendship Visiting Group of Sano Citizens led by Tanuma Sei, Sano Education Director visited Quzhou. The visit was focused on local schools and culture departments.

May 1997

A working group led by Furuha Shiaki, Vice Mayor of Sano, were sent to Quzhou to talk about specific issues on establishing friendly exchange relationship.

November 11 ¨C13, 1997

The 16th Japanese-Sino Friendship Visiting Group of Sano Citizen visited Quzhou. During their visit, Kezuka Kichuita You, Mayor of Sano, signed an agreement with Quzhou City on the establishment of friendly exchange relationship.

August, 1998

Invited by Kezuka Kichuita You, Mayor of Sano, Quzhou Governmental Friendly Economic & Trading Delegation headed by Ye Jige, Mayor of Quzhou, visited Sano, Japan. The six-membered Delegation participated the celebration of the 55th anniversary of Sano City, and watched the showes of ¡®Hidasato Matsuri¡¯, a local festival, and signed the intent agreement for friendly exchange between the two cities from 98 to 99. It laid a good foundation for the mutual economic and trade exchanges.

October 27 ¨C28, 1998

Headed by Takahashi Shideo, trustee member of Sano Agricultural Coordination Group, a Japanese friendly delegation of 11 people visited Quzhou. Takahashi Shideo presented letters of condolence from Mayor of Sano and Sano Japan-China Friendship Association to Ye Jige, Mayor of Quzhou, for the flood of July in Quzhou. At the welcoming reception, the two citis exchanged intent letters for the friendly exchange of the two cities. At the same time. Also Sano Government and Sano International Exchange Association expressed deep sympathy for the heavy losses caused by the severe flood and donated 130,000 yen totally, to the people in the disastrous areas.

November, 1998

Quzhou Municipal Foreign Affairs Office and Quzhou Municipal Education Bureau selected some calligraphy and paintings of local pupils and high-school students, to take part in the provincial art competition of Chinese and Japanese youth. Among them 15 workswere awarded and sent to the display inShizuoka, Tochigi and Fukui, Japan. It effectively promoted the cultural exchange between young people of China and Japan.

July 25 ¨C31,1999

     The Municipal Education Delegation of Quzhou visited Sano, Japan. QuzhouTechnical Professional School signed an agreement with Shiyou Higher School to develop friendship between the two schools.

September, 1999

     The 18th Japanese-Sino Friendship Visiting Group of Sano Citizen consisting of 49 people came to Zhejiang to participate the second friendship cities¡¯ party of Zhejiang Province. And 25 of them visited Quzhou.

November 13 ¨C19, 1999

     A four-membered delegation from Shiyou Higher School, Sano, headed by the headmaster, Maruyama Riyouichi, were sent to QuzhouTechnical Professional Schoolto participate the celebrationof the 20thanniversary of this school.

November 13 ¨C14, 2001

A four-membered delegation from Shiyou Higher School visited QuzhouTechnical Professional School. Before they left, the delegation again banked up the China-Japan Friendship Memorial Tree planted in November 1999 with earth, and wished the China-Japan friendship everlasting and unchanging.

January 21-27, 2002

A foreign affairs investigation group of Zhejiang headed by Liang Jingen, Deputy Director of Quzhou Municipal Foreign Affairs Office visited Tochigi for investigation and exchange. It promoted the relationship between Quzhou and Sano.

September, 2002

Headed by Liang Biao, the principal of Quzhou Technical Professional School, 5 teachers and students visited Shiyou Higher School, Sano.

November 2003

Miyamori Katsuichi, Vice Director of Foreign Friendship Association of Sano visited Quzhou.


A delegation of teachers and students from Shiyou Higher School, Sano visited Quzhou Technical Professional School.

August 2005

A five-membered delegation went to Sano to participate the ceremony of establishment of ¡®New Sano¡¯(combined by ¡®Old Sano¡¯ and other 2 cities), and the activities of ¡®Hidasato Matsuri¡¯. Among the members were Huang Huirong¨DNPC Chairman of Quzhou People¡¯s Congress, and Xu Nanchang ¨DDirector of Quzhou Municipal Foreign Affairs and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office.

September 16-17,2005

A three-membered delegation of Sano Government visited Quzhou and attended the celebration ceremony of the 20th anniversary of Quzhou Municipality. The delegates were Masahide Okabe, Mayor of Sano, Kanai Shimada, Chairman of Sano International Exchange Association, and Atibara Sizmu, Director of Sano Comprehensive Policy Department. Mayor Masahide made a congratulation speech in the ceremony and had breakfast together with Sun Jianguo, Mayor of Quzhou.


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