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A Brief Introduction of Sumgayit

A Brief Introduction of Sumgayit


 Sumgayit is located inAbsheronPeninsula. It is 25 km away from Baku, Capital of Azerbaijani, 26m above level of the Caspian Sea. The cityis along the major road of Baku – Rostov, with rail and road networks.  

The current population is 335,000. The population density is 3433 per square kilometer. The city has an area of 97.58 square kilometers.  

Two settlements are within the city administration - Jorat in the south and the settlement in the north named after Haji Zeynalabdin Tagiyev. 

Sumgayit was once a district of Baku. The Municipality was established on November 22, 1949. The establishment was based on the decision that the chemical and petrochemical enterprises would be moved out of Baku. In 1938, with the building of the 1st heat power plant, large-scale construction of industrial facilities began.

It rapidly developed into a major chemical and metallurgical center. The city is also a major steel producer, supplying about 40 percent of the steel for Caucasia. An aluminum plant, built in 1955, uses bauxite ores shipped in from the Ural Mountains of Russia. Because of the large deposits of salts nearby and the availability of cheap hydroelectricity, Sumgayit is a major producer of sodium hydroxide, used in the manufacture of chemicals and soaps and in petroleum refining. Industries in Sumgayit also produce synthetic rubber, fertilizers, detergents, and petrochemicals.

Local health facilities and the infirmary and the Caspian Sea coastal bathing beaches make more possibilities for developing tourism and building new treatment rehabilitation facilities. 

There are totally 65 kindergartens, 46 general education schools, 5 vocational technical schools, 4 secondary specialized schools, one university, 20 libraries, nine clubs, a municipal museum, and 4 scientific research institutions in the city. Also there are two newspapers.

In hygiene field, there are 14 hospitals, 25 clinics, two maternity hospitals, 28 drugstores and many private clinics.  

This city attaches importance to young people's sports fitness activity. Two stadiums, one chess club and several sports schools have been set up. Some star athletes have been developed in judo, karate, chess, boxing, and other events

Different from Azerbaijan and other cities, Sumgayit is located in the desert coast of the Caspian Sea. Through targeted greening, a large number of Chinese parasol trees, pine trees, spruces and other trees are planted per year. Now it has become one of the best afforested cities. In recent years, in addition to the center of boulevards Riviera garden, many new parks, gardens and other green spaces have also been built.  

In order to facilitate residents, some shopping malls, restaurants, coffee shops and entertainment centers have been built.  

The city also has a large quantity of infrastructure, and 60,000 sets of inhabitant housing.

Electricity, gas, water supply, and telecommunication pipelines and urban transport, and waste disposal facilities are all functioning well. In terms of investment and joint ventures, the area of services has the same brilliant prospects. In this aspect, the enterprise jointed by Germany and Azerbaijan to recycle life trash is worth appreciating.  

Sumgayit develops partnership positively. The friendly cooperation with Ludwigshaften, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany in culture, education and sports is a significant example. Now, the city has also expressed interest on cooperation in the economic field.

Guests and industrialists are welcomed to develop civilized mutual benefit cooperation. The city leader would like to create conditions for establishing and developing such cooperation and to become a guarantee.


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